Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Niel and I watched the Chris Rock
movie Head of State on cable this past weekend. We came home tired after spending the day in Connecticut and Niel turned off the lights and put some candles on (he wants to use more candles that we have) and it was just like being in a movie theater. Except not noisy and a lot more comfortable. We both enjoyed the movie greatly. Chris Rock is a very funny guy and if he ran for president I would vote for him in a second. A lot of the issues he dealt with in the movie I agreed on his stance on. I would suggest this movie as a good rental. Coincidently that night HBO also had a Chris Rock special. Once again he is a very funny comedian.

Last night Niel and I went to Juniper Valley Park in Middle Village to play frisbee. We wanted to do that on Sunday when we went to Central Park but did not have a frisbee with us. It was a lot of fun. I do not play frisbee often so I was not too good in the beginning but after a little while thankfully I got a lot better.

I was watching the
Food Network
Show $40 A Day hosted by Rachael Ray. If you are not familiar with the premise of the show Ms. Ray travels to various locations trying to only spend $40 a day (as the title says) on breakfast, lunch, dinner and sometimes snacks and dessert. This time she was in the Adirondacks in the town of Lake George, which is also her hometown.
The show was very good and especially meaningful to me because my family vacationed in Lake George up until I was 14 years old. I do not come from a wealthy upbringing. My family lived in Washington Heights New York; one of the poorest neighborhoods in New York city till I was 15; but my parents would scrimp and save just so every summer we could drive to Lake George for a week or two of vacationing. And we were spoiled to death in Lake George, where my brother and I would go to the Great Escape Amusement park, and roam the aisles of Price Chopper, the best supermarket in the world and play mini golf in the several of the mini golf courses Lake George had to offer, visit the various scenic locations, swim in the hotel pool and explore the woods of the hotel property. Each summer my brother and I felt like we had died and gone to heaven. I haven’t gone back to Lake George in 15 years and I do miss it. Although I have been to a few other places as an adult Lake George will always be special to me.

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