Monday, April 19, 2004

I was a busy beaver on Friday because I had my mother-in-law and brother-in-law over for breakfast(or my new favorite term for it breakie) on Saturday morning before we went to visit Niel's grandfather. His birthday is next weekend, but since Niel is camping that weekend we went this past weekend. Ok back on track. I went to the Farmer's Market down in Union Square to look for green tomatoes. (I originally checked in my local Stop & Shop which does carry them, but they were out) So then I walked over to Whole Foods(which is a treat for me though I did not find any green tomatoes there either) so I decided after work to go back to Stop & Shop and check there. Nope no green tomatoes anywhere. I would only make one item for breakfast. (I also wanted to make fried green tomatoes.)Oven baked French toast .accompanied with berries, and bacon. I then went home, cleaned, made a chocolate cake to take to our visit to Niel's grandfather and starting the soaking process for the French toast I was making for breakfast. Breakfast turned out pretty tasty. Niel's grandfather was having a good day on Saturday. After visiting with him we finally after almost 8 years of hearing about Captain's Gally(or as Niel cutely refers to the restaurant as Captain Galley's) had lunch there. I enjoyed their seasoned French fries and stuffed broiled soil, clams and shrimp.

Has anyone noticed that there will be three different type of Gladiator movies coming out: Troy, Alexander, which are on the big screen and one on TV Spartacus.

I finally got around and fixed my side bar. Some people might not see it to well but that has to do with their browsers.

I found the archives for old Friday Fives.So now I will often have old Friday Fives up even if it is not a Friday. I am addicted to them.

My driving lessons are getting better. So hopefully I will be able to get my license soon.

The weather was sooooo lovely this weekend that on Sunday we went to Central Park and took a leisurely stroll watching people and enjoying the weather. I will put pics up later.

I also made a delicious fish dish. I used Flounder instead of Sole and it worked just as good. I figured a white fish is a white fish. I tried to make artichoke with it, but I doubt I cooked it long enough since Niel and I ended up struggling to eat it. I'll try another time with smaller artichokes.

You ever get the feeling that you think you are making headway with someone or something and then you realize that you never did. I constantly have this feeling and I hate it.

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