Thursday, April 01, 2004

I've been a bit bummed out lately. It happens every now and then. I try hard to be positive and look at all the good things in my life, health, my husband, my driving lessons, my courses, and hobbies. It's just outside forces who either on purpose/or not (I can't tell nor do I care) who try to bring me down with their crap just because they are negative. I don't talk about being bummed out much. I don't like to dwell on it, or burden people with it. Or feel like it is anyone's business. I'll get over it. I always do and I try to learn from it.

On a happier note another evening of knitting went well. I was a bit embarrassed to start knitting again because for whatever reason knitting is associated with being old and grandmotherly which I don't personally think is a bad thing. Plus I always associate knitting with a girl who I used to be friends with back in college and that relationship ended badly. However I really find knitting relaxing. I did not at first. I found it difficult and frustrating. But actually seeing something I am creating is neat. Plus the third benefit of knitting is it hasn't taken up any extra time. I knit while Niel and I relax in front of the tube together. I even began thinking that I can work on several projects at once. There I go again getting ahead of myself.

Dinner was really, really good last night. Niel already started the pork chops before I got home. He did a really good job at preparing them. He also put an ingredient I would not have thought of Parmesan. Mmmm. For dessert we made brownies(ala Pillsbury). I do enjoy making recipes from scratch, but I also like cooking dinners that I do not have to put much effort into all the time. I mean I still have dishes to wash, clothes to iron for next day and hanging out with the husband, which is something I rather do than any of the other things.

I forgot to mention yesterday that Niel got me the new blues inspired Aerosmith c.d. Honking on Bobo. It was good. I do like Aerosmith and it was a neat treat. They are touring to promote the album but I am afraid to see them live. Their performance at the superbowl wasn't very good.

We needed a new bedframe we er broke the other one. So Niel finally put together the new bed frame we purchased. We have been sleeping in the guest bedroom which has a full bed. I never realized how big and roomy a queen bed is. Try sleeping in a full bed for a few weeks and you'll see how happy you are to get a bigger bed.

I decided to color my Easter eggs naturally this year. I was excited to find that most of the items in this recipe I already have.

I am having a difficult time finding a Country Ham up North. Country Ham is saltier. My first encounter with it was at the Cracker Barrell . I liked it a lot better than regular ham which is a bit sweet. I like regular ham but I prefer Country Ham. I hope I find it because I have a recipe I want to use for Easter. I want to offer two different meat choices.

Some interesting April facts I found in Martha Stewart Living :
Daffodils are best kept to themselves in arrangements because their sap contains crystals of calcium oxalate, an irritant that will cause other flowers to wilt.

The term brunch was introduced in the British magazine Hunter's Weekly in 1895 and was defined as a combined breakfast and lunch, likely eaten after a hunt.

In their attempt to perfect the processing of sugar, ancient Arabs had a delicious discovery: caramel. They named it Kurat al Milh, meaning ball of sweet salt.

To find out whether an egg is raw or hard boiled spin it on its side. A raw egg will wobble unsteadily; a hard boiled one will spin easily.

Oh Happy April Fools.

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