Wednesday, April 21, 2004

I just finished reading Scottish Girls About Town. It is a book with short stories written by Scottish authors. Some of the subjects touched upon deal with friendship, becoming an adult, adultery, and divorce. I enjoyed the majority of the stories and would recommend it if you would like a quick read.

I have been enjoying listening to a mixed MP3 Niel made me on the train for a couple of days now. I had not realized it until I listened to the songs, but I enjoy love songs. However these songs are not from singers who have made their careers by singing love songs such as Barry Manilow, Tom Jones and the late Barry White have. The "love" songs I enjoy are: Love Song by The Cure, 311’s remake of The Cure’s Love Song, Echo & The Bunnymen's Sugar Kisses, The Darknesses I Believe In A Thing Called Love and Falling At Your Feet by Crowded House. Isn't it funny that only 10 years ago people were getting mixed tapes and now people are getting mixed MP3's.

Niel and I played Frisbee in the park again last night and Dave joined us this time. I had fun even though I am a bad Frisbee thrower. I am also a bit sore.

After we all went home I made Salmon Fish cakes for dinner and the side dish was Pad Thai. No I did not try to attempt to make Pad Thai from scratch again. I was at my local Duane Reade and I saw on one of the shelves packages of quickie version Pad Thai by Thai Kitchen, so I decided to purchase two boxes. I am happy to report that it was pretty tasty.

I think it interesting when two people can go through the same thing and come out with a different perception of it.

I am glad someone knows what I go through with my blog. Go to the Tuesday April 20 entry and scroll down to the last line of the post.

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