Thursday, April 22, 2004

Did anyone watch American Idol last night?! What a shocking twist. It was brilliant the way the show set up the elimination this week.

Today the Queen Mary II(QM2) docked into the shores of New York after leaving England last Friday.

I recently started watching the Dave Chappelle show on Comedy Central. He is a very funny man. I got Niel hooked on it too. I hope we can catch up with the two seasons this summer.

I made a sausage and peppers calzone based on Jesser’s recipe. I used one package Pillsbury’s pizza dough. Cooked 2 small cans of tomatoes sauce and added pizza seasoning and onion and garlic salt. While that was simmering on a low heat I chopped up half a green pepper and one small onion and cooked that also on a low heat with some olive oil and cooked a few hot pork sausages and then cut them up. I spread out the dough, put the sauce first, then the onion and peppers and then the sausage and put some grated mozzerella on top and covered and let it cook per the package’s instructions. It was awesome.

I have really gotten into the Electric Six because of Niel. He included two new songs I have not heard on my mixed MP3 disc. I think my favorite song is Synchronize. Check them out.

I have been meaning to put up old Friday Five's,
but I have had a few things to blog about as of late, so I don't know when I can get to it. I guess I will save it for a blah day.

I took this color test I found on Stef’s site from her April 21’s post, and I think it's pretty accurate for me.

I also put in Niel’s birth month and day and I found it to be very accurate too.

I was in Duane Reade yesterday during my lunch break (yes I go there a lot) and the woman ahead of me who looked a little bit older than I asked to purchase a pack of cigarettes and the cashier asked for her id. That is not the unusual part. What is unusual is apparently Duane Reade now has a new system that type in the ages of all cigarette buyers before it can let the cashier finalize the purchase. I wonder if any other drug stores are doing this?

I am glad it hasn’t rained yet today. Maybe Niel & I can play Frisbee again tonight. I enjoy our little rituals.

I wish I had a camera phone to take pics of all the pretty sites. I can’t wait to get one.

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