Friday, April 23, 2004

Niel is going camping this weekend and I plan on trying cooking for myself instead of just ordering in, which is what I normally do or just eat mac & cheese from a box. The following recipe inspired me:

Hot Polenta Sandwiches (Rebecchini)

I am also going to take a little visit out to one of few Middle Eastern/European grocery stores I know of in Queens. I cannot just stop in there and get what I want. I have to browse and absorb the smells. A bit of heaven on Earth. Niel always teases me that I take too long when food shopping, but I cannot help myself. I love going down the aisles in particular stores. The smells and names of certain products take me back to a happy memory. Some of the products I enjoy buying are feta cheese, pita with oils and spices and anything pretty much else that catches my eye.

I found this on Curly Girl’s blog. I know how she feels because I had to deal with an unusual name all of my life. I like my name. This was not the case when I was younger. The only problem still is people can't seem to pronounce it. Trust me it is not pronounced Annie!!!

ani is a very rare female name.
Very few females in the US are named ani.
Be proud of your unique name!

I recommend for anyone who would like to look at beautiful pictures on their computer. It really is refreshing to look at my screen and see of places far away & not so far away (which I hope to visit) as well as pictures of flowers, which is what I chose.

I was coming back from an appointment and the bus I was on was going down Fifth Avenue. One of the wealthiest streets in the world and I was amazed that along with all the wealth there was also so many homeless. Why it couldn’t be even.

Along with this wonderful weather are all the seasonal fruits that are coming out. The local fruit stands already have berries and watermelon.

Little facts I learned from my coworker who is a walking encyclopedia. General Sherman coined the term “War is hell” during the civil war and General Macarthur coined the term “Island Hopping” when he was conquering the pacific in World War I.

Here are also the pictures of the venture to Central Park last Sunday.

I decided to share some pictures of some gadgets I had acquired. The salad spinner was one of my birthday gifts; I also received a coffee measurer from my mother in law (a non bday gift), and brough an olive oil spray (so I don’t waste money on Pam) from Bed, Bath & Beyond, and a gorgeous olive oil holder and a cake pan I purchased at Marshall’s for cheap!!

New Friday Five not up yet. Too busy to put an old one. Have a good weekend.

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