Monday, March 29, 2004

It is crazy busy at work today. So here is a brief rundown of my weekend. Saw Dawn of the Dead. Not as scary as I thought it would be. It was comical at best. Although before the movie the feeling I had could be described as being on a line to board a roller coaster. Some people find roller coasters exhilarating I do not. So I made it out alive and so did Niel's hands. :)
The spaghetti recipe was so so. The meatballs were a lot better than the actual sauce. Maybe because I put an extra clove of garlic? I looooooooove garlic. We ate it with some yummy garlic bread from Pizza Hut.
Sunday I made Curry Turkey Burgers for lunch. The recipe is on the side link. We ate it with Grey Pupon Mustard. The recipe is influenced by Thai ingredients. For dinner we had Turkey meatloaf. I just made up the recipe. A little over a pound of ground turkey, a table spoon of steak sauce, a pinch garlic salt, adobo, paprika, pepper, half a cup bread crumbs and one egg. I also put a honey and ketchup glaze over it. We enjoyed it greatly. We've been eating a lot of turkey meat these past few weeks. Partly because our local supermarket has had a sale of buy one and get one free.
My driving lesson with the instructor is getting better. I still am in no shape to hit the road alone, but Niel's been nice enough to take me driving in the local cemetery's;(no chance of me hurting anyone) just so I can get more practice.
Good luck to Niel with his SAPing.

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