Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Interesting things that happened at work yesterday. Our phones went down(still down) and there was a small electrical fire in my boss's office. AAAARRRGGGGGHHH!

I was watching a news programing and I noticed that the men on the panel pretty much had similar suits and colored suits on. Most men's fashion is not as diversified as women's is. It's a shame.

Wonderfalls is now being moved from Friday night to Thursday night where it will get killed by The Apprentice. Wonderfalls your fired! I hate Fox.

My knitting is coming along very well. I am now able to knit at home and getting further into knitting the scarf. I am very excited.

I remade the Salmon fishcakes recipe again(I used breadcrumbs as a coating) and they once again came out yummy. Recipe on the side.

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