Friday, December 12, 2003

Well we are back from Seattle. I hope I remember to post everything. There was a terrible storm the day we flew to Seattle. We were so surprised and happy we were able to get out of New York city. The captain that flew the plane to Denver(we transferred there to get on a plane to Seattle) was very brave. He tried attempted four times to land at LaGuardia Airport before accomplishing it. Sure we did not fly at our scheduled time but we left that day. The flight was really bumpy. We were in the Denver airport for an hour before our flight to Seattle. We walked around, got a magnet, had some so so Mexican food and boarded the plane. Seattle was a little bit of a dissapointment because I expected it to be a lot cooler. I always thought it would be a hip city. It isn't. It is hilly and the people are not so nice and there is a terrible homeless problem. I know that some people could say the very same thing about New York city, but maybe you will understand better if you ever visit Seattle. There were some good aspects of Seattle. They have terrific Salmon. The Space Needle is quite amazing. It was fun to ride the trolly and the mono rail and visit Pike Market and see the very fist Starbucks. It does not look like any of the current Starbucks. The city is surrounded by gorgeuse mountains and water. I got to taste Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks. That was tasty. So the good aspects did outweigh the bad. It was a wise choice of only being there for three days. We ran out of things to do after a while. We did all the touristy things there were to do. The best touristy thing to do was to take the Underground Tour. If you do take the tour make sure Ed is your guide. He was very informative and funny! Also if you take a tour of their baseball stadium Niel would recommend that Art is not your tour guide. He was a little confused about his sport trivia information. Not good for a sports tour guide. Then we headed further North to Victoria, British Columbia for two days. We took the Victoria Clipper to Victoria. It is a boat company based out of Seattle. It was a nice two and a half hour boat ride. The town was soooo lovely. It was much smaller and all their candy and soft drinks were much sweeter. Except for the ice cream which was a bit sour. It sort of felt like we were in a bizarro America. It was the whitest town we were ever in. I mean there was a good deal of Asian culture but definetly a lot more caucasians. British Columbia and Seattle are known for having large Asian communities. We went to the wax museum, their museum of natural history, a castle, and took a double decker bus tour and at the bus stop got to taste Gingerbread Latte. Also tasty! And evern though we returned without our luggage(blame Canada!) because the hotel we stayed at failed to send our luggage on to the Clipper. Hopefully it is being fed exed to us as I type this. It was nice being away but it is nice being home to familiar surroundings.

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