Friday, December 05, 2003

I love snow. I really do. But a snow storm! The day before we are supposed to fly to Seattle? ARRRGGGGHHH! As Charlie Brown would yell out. All we wanted was a vacation. We haven't had one in two years. True there are worse things in life. But we get up and go to work every day. We deal with commute every day and all the craziness in our lives. We deserve to get away for a week. To enjoy all the offerings another city can provide. To go siteseeing and do cheesy touristy things. I just pray that by tomorrow at 11 or earlier ... earlier would be better this snow stops. Just until we can our plane takes off. Oh please stop snowing! Please!

Fun Facts about December...A la Martha Stewart Living

Sir Henry Cole was the first person to have a Christmas Card Printed

Cookies originated in the Netherlands. They were called Koekjes and were considered test cakes: small portions of batter used for testing the oven temperature before baking full size cakes.

According to one legend a seventeenth century German choirmaster created the first candy canes to quite restless children during Christmas services.

Halley's comet may have a circumstantial link to Hanukkah. Records show that in 164 B.C. the first celebration took place, the comet produced an unusually spectacular show.

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