Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Thank God the work day has almost come to an end! It has so dragged on and Tuesdays for me is no day to drag on. It is the end of production day and I am under the deadline crunch. ARRRGGHHH!
Also try Betty Crocker's Complete Desserts. We tried Cherry cobbler. It was fantastic! The rare occasion we eat dessert and it was a real treat! No pun intended. It goes very well with a bowl of strawberries!
My coworker gave me a cook book and the recipes look yummy. I was happy to find a cheese recipe using Gruyer. I have a lot left over from my French Onion soup fiasco. I didn't even buy it in bulk. So anytime I end up only using a little bit of something I try to find other recipes to use that ingredient.

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