Monday, November 03, 2003

Halloween was an interesting night. Ted & Maria's place was beautifully decorated. Had great ambiance with candles and holiday appropriate ornaments. Maria and Ted are also great cooks. They served tasty Turkey meatballs, two varities of Italian Sausage, Cheese and Jalapeno Quesqudia's(my favorite combo!) and chips and dips. Got the crap scared out of me watching of all movies Halloween. I HATE scary movies but it is after all Halloween and what does one do but watch them? Anyway we picked movies out of a hat to watch in order, but since we got a late start we only watched two. So since I was frightened I kept talking non stop just to calm myself. Sorry everyone! I fell asleep at the second movie(Sponge Bob Halloween) and serenaded everyone with my snoring. So we had to leave because I couldn't't stay up. I wasn't even drunk!We didn't get dressed up. I only had on a gray long sleeved shirt that had a black cat on it and Niel had on a black long sleeved shirt with a glow in the dark skull. Saturday, Niel and Mike had a successful attempt at visiting Johnny. I did housework and laundry. When Niel came home we went to see Love Actually. It was a really great movie. I am definitely going to buy it when it comes out. It was about real people with real problems. It was heart warming without being mushy or preachy. And was it ever funny! I definitely recommend everyone seeing it. Sunday I took the first of my tests for my certificate and I did really well! Woo hoo. My mom cooked a feast for us on Sunday. She made pot roast, rice, broiled mackerel, potatoe salad, crab salad and regular salad, jello and flan. Plus I got a hair cut Friday evening before the festivities and baked some cupcakes so I am feeling better.

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