Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I made a new frame yesterday. I haven't felt very creative because I have been really busy lately. The frame is bug themed. Seems gross but the small wooden pieces are very pretty. I have a butterfly, a lady bug, a firefly and a bee on a blue frame background! I have ideas for two more frames.
I am bit stumped as how to end these three children's stories I have written.
I also have been falling asleep way to early. I missed most of WWE on Monday night and a cheese festival special on the food network . Drat!
I saw a stray dog this morning at our bus stop. I tried to get it to come to me but it wouldn't. I think it is lost because his/her tags are still on it. It is a thin, medium built, black and tan dog with green tags. I hope it is ok. It is pretty chilly and wet today.

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