Friday, October 31, 2003

HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL!!!!! I hope everyone has a fun and safe day.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I like seeing houses and windows covered with lights and decorations. Children dressed as their favorite action hero or story book characters. Pumpkins on the front steps. Leaves swirling around in the wind. The tasty foods, baked goods and of course candy!

Tonight, Niel, me and his brother are going to Ted and Maria's for scary movies and goodies.

Tomorrow night going to see Love Actually . I am excited about seeing it.

Sunday we're going to have dinner at my parents house. So it will be a full weekend.

I heard on the news that it was safe to eat and drink the milk of cloned animals. I wonder when their meat will appear in the supermarkets. I wonder if it will be distinguished from the regular meat. I am not too crazy about the idea of eating it.
I wonder now that we have all this extra meat and milk will the poor countries be fed. My guess is not.

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