Thursday, October 30, 2003

So many things happening in the world. The California wild fires are continuing and destroying everything and one in its path. I don’t understand how someone (the arsonist) can be in so much pain or just be careless that everything and one around them has to suffer along with them.

I heard something crazy on the morning news that I hope is just a rumor that the mainstream news caught on as well. Women are having their toes shortened to fit into those stupid pointy shoes. What the hell are they thinking? I mean piercing’s close up if you get tired of them, tattoos can now be removed, dyed hair eventually fades or can be dyed to an “acceptable” hair color but shortened toes nope! And don’t these same women care how they will look in sandals!? Is this going to become part of the American culture, just as elongated necks are in some other cultures?

I heard on the news also a homeless man in I believe Indiana with only a quarter to his name found someone’s bankbook with $1,500 in it and can you believe it he tried to return the money. This guy who was so hard on his luck never forgot what the right thing to do was.

The last episode of The Joe Schmoe show aired on Spike TV Tuesday evening. I was sad to see the show come to an end but it was great to see the reaction from Joe Kennedy Gould. Niel and I felt bad that he was having this joke played on him. Throughout the show he displayed what a nice guy he was. I couldn’t believe that there are people who still have values and know right from wrong. And it is not what they think it is right but actually right from wrong. To name a few not teasing someone cause they cannot swim, turning away when someone is having a private conversation, befriending someone even though they might not be the person you could be friends with, not making fun of someone just for the sake of it, not showing off every single minute that you are smarter than others. In the end he did get great prizes but he didn’t know that. He was just being a good guy.

I don’t understand if what happened to those football players in a Long Island high school was hazing or they were sexually attacked? And is there really a separation between hazing and being attacked? I never understood of hazing. What is the purpose? I can understand sometimes having to suck things up like dealing with a boss you can’t stand, or taking a job because you need to pay the bills but how does torturing someone for no reason than just the sheer pleasure other then seeing them in pain?

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