Monday, September 15, 2003

We live in a very interesting neighborhood. There is a guy that almost every Sunday comes and practices his archery. It is pretty neat seeing him across the lot from our place.
Also there are interesting regulars that take our bus in the morning. There is a Menonite or an Amish man and a guy who wears very funky outfits. It is nice to see a person not afraid to wear what they want.
Being a bit sick made me realize who the people that care about me really are or care to know me are. I think I pretty much knew that beforehand, but it was good to have it reastablished. I don't forget. It also made me think about all the people I don't speak with from my past. I am glad that is the way it is. From what I know those people aren't as grown up or less self-absorbed as they like to think they are. Oh well.

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