Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Yesterday I was up in Riverdale at a client's Health Fair. My coworker was with me. We were outside handing out newspaper's enjoying the sun and refreshments when another client who was also at the fair came by and said she recognized me from high school. I did not recognize her. I had graduated 10 years ago and could be wrong; but she did not run in my group of friends. She looked familiar but was not anyone I spoke to. I wonder why she recognized me. She didn't yell at me; so I was glad it wasn't anyone I offended. In high school I still shot from the hip but was even shyer than I am now. It was sad seeing all the old people. It made me think how some get so feeble and even the ones who aren't plagued by mental or physical disease still get feeble. It is funny how at different stages of a person's life it is if the person is 4 different people and not one person at all. When you are a baby and get to be a child, parents will never have that baby again and so on.
The ride back was cheerier. We took an express bus back and I am so glad that we did because we got to see some lovely Manhattan architecture and passed by the Guggenheim, Central Mark, The Met, The Museum of Natural History and other sites. If I was wealthy one of the things I would do is walk around Manhattan and just take snapshots of things. I think there are so many nice sites around New York. It could be of random things also, such as doorways.
Niel bought some more herbs yesterday. Our little herb garden is growing and I am very excited. I used some of the existing herbs in dishes already. They are really yummy. Unfortunetly Parsley is the only herb that will not grow properly.
Hurrican Isabel is on the horizon and ruined one weekend plan I had. I have to think of something else to do. But Niel is soooo poopered that I think we will just stay at home.

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