Sunday, September 14, 2003

This is going to be a loooong blog. I am back from the hospital. I was there from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. My new Gastreontologist suggested I check myself in to Beth Israel South in downtonw Manhattan. I had my blockage removed manually and through fluids and mineral oil. I did not need surgery. They suggested I follow a high fiber diet and drink a lot of water. The hospital was pretty good. The emergency room was a bit daunting but hey it is an emergency room. I had a nice view of the neighborhood from my window and the empire state building. Watching the rain and the fog did not bother me. I got to see additions people had added to their rooftops such as gardens, a playground and sitting areas. I even walked around. I am black and blue from the iv drip and the shots but very happy for the help with the plumming and even happier to be back home. Thank you very, very much to my Niel for being with me through the entire process. I love you Niel and you show me through and through how much of a special person you are and I want you to know that now and forever. You are the salt of the earth. And for my mom & dad for visiting & the food. Thank you to all that called. I know it wasn't a horrible reason to be in the hospital but it was still the hospital.
Anyway I am happy it is almost Fall. It is my favorite season. It actually feels a bit like Fall already. There is a nice smell in the air, there are Fall items out in stores and the kids went back to school or started school.
The city is a funny place. You see a lot of curious things I saw this lady on the street. I want to say Haitian and she had a make shift baby carrier on her back. She appeared to be carrying a sleeping three year old or a very big one year old.
After being dischared Niel and I headed over to Pier 1 and got some Cobalt blue goblets for the house. They are really neat. Niel has good taste. I will be careful not to break them because I know they will sell well. We also got a runner and a popcorn bowl. I am heading back tomorrow if I find time at work to pick up more items. Thank goodness for sales.

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