Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Yesterday was a difficult night. I was having a lot of trouble & pain with the plumbing. Niel was very sweet about it. I felt terrible I couldn't function. I couldn't make dinner for him or watch wrestling together. I enjoy our rituals. I just fell asleep after making sure Elmo was ok. I check on her everyday while my parents and brother are in the West Coast. Luckily my brother is returning this Sunday. In the early morning I was able to go to the bathroom which made me quite happy. I still have to go a bit. I think I just have to eat very little when I eat and maybe even once a day. Food has become the enemy. This is hard because I love food.
My office desk looks like an earthquake. Papers shrewn all over the place. The education issue is moved till next week which gets us more time to get ads from our customers. It will give me more time to sell. Yesterday our phones were down so I could not do much selling. The black out has given everyone many problems. They can't get the server back on to do ads. Luckily I only have one ad in design since the others came in camera ready. . It has been stressful at work.
The Rosemary plant died. I don't know why the rest of the herbs are ok. I will get another one and try harder. My mother's Tarragon plant the only one she bought is growing wonderfully. Maybe cause her pot is bigger?
I am not that pink today. I look good with a tan. Niel today called me "Little Pink".

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