Monday, August 18, 2003

The Mets game was great. They won. Between the game and paintball I got sunburnt pretty badly. Niel says I am "comically pink".
I have done many many frames. I find them all cute. I just worry they will not sell. This week I am going to take pictures of them, get them developed and make a site for them. I am nervous about it. I want people to hear about the site and like the frames and buy the frames.
I think I figured out why my plumming has not been working properly. We haven't been eating salad and cooking at home these past two weeks which must have been a shock to my body. I cooked last night and I got a salad for lunch today so I am hoping in a few days I will be back to my regular unpainful schedule.
Today has been crazy at work. First since we were off Friday due to the blackout all these calls started to come in. Then the phones and web died so we were all bored silly. Now it is crazy again. AHHHH!!!!

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