Monday, August 04, 2003

Well back at work. Blech. The morning went by pretty quickly which is good. Unfortunately I am constipated again. Once a year I get very badly constipated. It hasn't been as bad this year. I manage to get a bit out but I don't feel fully cleaned out. Sorry to be gross.
The hubby and I went food shopping yesterday afternoon and got our week's worth of groceries. Got locked out after we came back home. I thought the landlord went in without telling us to take a look at the repaired toilet. Not the case because the top lock has been locking the bottom one automatically. Niel is going to fix it tonight. He did something very McGiverish to get us in, he jimmied the lock with an ID card. I found this very sexy! We had to get in somehow and he found a way. Very clever man. Girls marry a boy scout!
My mom in law is coming to dinner on Tuesday, I think with the brother in law. They came back from a trip to P.R. My husband's family has two houses there. Childhood homes. I think either we are going to my parents this weekend or they are coming over. We are seeing them before their trip to California to visit family.

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