Sunday, August 03, 2003

The hubby and I returned last night from our two day getaway in North Western New Jersey. It is a lovely part of the country and it did NOT feel like we were in New Jersey at all. The New Jersey I know of is Newark and Elizabeth and is just as crowded as New York city. I think we were in Warren County.
We stayed in a lovely bed and breakfast The Berry Preserve run by Steve and Diann Berry, a lovely couple in their golden years. It was our first time in a Bed and Breakfast and we were a bit apprehensive. That portion of the trip was fabulous. They turned part of their house into a B & B and decorated it with their ventures from the globe. However the B & B was not our first stop. Our first stop was the Phillipsburg River Outpost in Exit 3 of the Garden State Parkway. To attempt to canoe. I thought it would be fun to experience something with the husband, since he goes canoeing a lot. Well it did NOT happen because I was too much of a scaredy cat. My husband was so very understanding and I feel guilty we did not do it. Hopefully we will try again. We decided to explore the town. Well we walked across the bridge into Easton, Pennsylvania. We thought we were still in Phillipsburg, NJ. Easton is home to the Crayola Museum as well as the Pez Museum. They town had a lot of brightly colored metal horses. The Crayola Museum of course had a lot of children running around. It also housed a museum that explained how sails were made. That was a lot of fun. Easton was just becoming a booming little town. Phillipsburg was even more desolate. We then had a yummy lunch at a Sports Diner named after a good baseball player whose career was marred by his tragic death. They served one of theeee best French Onion soups I have ever tasted. After lunch we decided to head to our B & B and check in . The house was nestled in the woods and occasionally had a fox or a bear running around the yard. We saw the fox and but only pictures of the bear. The inside of the house was lovely. It had many skylights and tall ceilings with the original beams showing through. Our bedroom was the tree top room and had the most softest bed in the world. Niel and I decided to look into getting one for ourselves. They also prepared a snack for us and told us what was available in the area. We decided to scour the area the next day because we had a 6PM Balloon launching on the grounds of a fair. This too did not happen because a storm was headed our way. We still had a good time walking around the fair. We even tried trampolining. Something I always wanted to try. I think once we have our own home one day, we will definitely invest in a trampoline. It was a heck of a lot of fun. Hopefully those pics will be up on soon! That part of New Jersey also had fields and fields of corn.
We decided to find something to eat and stumbled onto Perkins a lovely Americana restaurant. They served really yummy food and make the best Hashbrown casserole. After dinner we went back to the B & B and fell fast asleep on the world's most comfortable bed. I know I mentioned it before but I feel the need to emphasize the comfort of this bed.
The next day they made a nice breakfast for us of muffins, toast, a cheese soufflé and sausages. They only had the B & B for a year. Her husband had built the house after their first house burnt down. He did a great job. They are both originally from Illinois. Steve was an engineer and Diann a teacher who helped co found the Crayola Museum. These were very interesting people.
After our breakfast and getting a bit tipsy on the wine, we tried we drove to Mackey's Orchard. Not much their but a store with overpriced fruits and jams. We decided to head to Clinton where they were having a Civil War reenactment. Clinton is a lovely town on Exit 15 on the Garden State Parkway. It has Victorian Homes, a quaint main Street and a river. The reenactment was very interesting. Afterwards we ate at Cracker Barrel and found some curtains and a frame at Wal-Mart for our apartment. Then we drove to Jersey Gardens and walked around a bit and finally came home, where we found out we were locked out. Luckily the landlord just happened to stop by and let us in. The bathroom floor was redone and looked nice however our toilet is not working properly. We are waiting for the building handyman to stop by. I can't wait till we get our own home. The Berry's B & B gave me a lot of ideas. I also ran out of frame bases and need to get some more and finally order some more tiling supplies. But right now I need to go grocery shopping for the week's dinner.

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