Thursday, August 07, 2003

Haven't written in a few days. Tuesday I was sick and stayed home. The plumbing was not working very well and I lay in bed most of the day miserable. Milk of Magnesia did a number on my stomach. I didn't get to have the in-laws for dinner on Tuesday, I rescheduled for tonight. It is still a little clogged up but coming out in bits. I saw the doctor yesterday for my neck and asked him about the stomach problem and he suggested an over the counter drug. I will look after work. As for the neck I finally started therapy and he gave me a prescription for muscle relaxants. After being in the doctor's office for three and a half hours I didn't get to go to Kmart to look for curtain rod like I thought I could. However, my husband and I did go to another Dean rally in Long Island at a different Starbucks. They kicked us out. I will boycott that Starbucks from now on. One of the people in the group which grew to 40 people this month invited us complete strangers to his parents house. His neighborhood was so pretty and private. Niel and I both liked it. I am glad we both liked the area. People talked about why they supported Howard Dean for president and what could be done to increase his popularity. It was great to be involved in the political process, very empowering. Instead of sitting around and complaining how the current powers are asses I was am doing something about it.
Anyway I am very grumpy because I haven't gotten to be creative. I am going through tile and frame withdrawal. Hope to get supplies soon so I can do more things and get the page up already. I thought I could pick stuff up yesterday but it took too long.
Anyway got to get back to work.

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