Friday, August 22, 2003

This is the first time in a few days since I have been able to write or do much at all. I feel almost back to normal. Wednesday after work I went to my primary doctor for a physical therapy appointment for my neck and a meeting with him to see how I am progressing. I must have looked like I was in a lot of pain or I think the nurse that checks the weight and blood pressure must have told him I looked miserable. Anyway I was crying because of the pain in my abdomen. I hadn't pooped normally in weeks and when I do it hurts very badly. Usually I can go twice a day and in three weeks that is 42 times. I only went seven times. So he sends me to the hospital. A useless hospital. The nurses I had were nice. I felt bad for this one old man who was senile and alone and probably scared. He kept calling for people that were not there. My nice nurse went into his room a few times to reassure him he was ok and not to escape. I was examined, x-rayed and poked with needles. The doctor just sent me home and asked me to take this over the counter thing that would make me poop. I was hoping the would take it out themselves. HAH!! So I pooped a bit but not the entire thing. I begged my way into the gastreontologists office for an appt. yesterday. I missed two days of work by the way and I feel like an idiot. He examined me which was not fun. I came back today and got a colonscopy to find out I was impacted which I am sure he cleared stuff out because I feel better and told me I had inflamed hemorrhoids(inside and out) that will be removed on Sept. 13. I hope that helps. Sorry to gross anyone out. I usually get constipated once a year and I take some over the counter drug and I am good. But this time it took three weeks. I think there were many things that led to the impaction. I didn't cook for three weeks and we were eating crap out side the home and I couldn't poop because of the inflamed hemorrhoids and I kept getting impacted. My body was used to my food and this is why the Metamucil did not help. I take Metamucil twice a day. So now I hope to have a much calmer weekend (hopefully seeing the Doors and the hubby's cousin's wedding) with my sweet and patient husband who was as miserable as me. I learned from this minor experience not to take life and health for granted. Enjoy the small things like coming home and having a pile full of dishes and a dirty house and dinner to cook is wonderful.

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