Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Yesterday was a hellish day for me of catching up with work since I was out two days last week. Fun, fun, fun.
Niel and I had a nice yet tiring weekend. Saturday night we went to The Doors of the 21st Century concert held at the PNC Arts Center. It is a pretty concert hall. There were plenty of people our age and the band members age. The performance was really good and the other audience members were very entertaining. I think we got second hand pot high. We unfortunetly did not get home till 3 because of traffic.
Sunday we attended Niel's cousin's wedding. The Ceremony was in Bayshore, New York at St. Patrick's. A gorgeuse Roman Catholic Church. The architecture looked Spanish. The bride looked like a princess and her bridesmaid's gowns were gorgeuse. Before the ceremony we had lunch because we knew we wouldn't eat till 6:30 in the evening. I was not a fan of Friendly's until that day. Niel ordered a yummy cheese item and I had a Mexican salad, which is just salad, chicken and corn chips. After the ceremony we went to the bride's grandmother's (Niel's aunt)house. They had a cheese platter, cookie platter, coffe and cold beverages. Hee Hee I am able to eat again. It feels good to be able to use the bathroom!! We sat around talking to people. I was apparently an open bar for bugs that day also. I got bitten so badly my ankles were swollen. I am still itchy. The reception was a beatiful affair held at the Flower Field in St. James New York. The grounds were exquisite with ponds, gazeboes, bridges, ducks and geese. The room where the cocktail hour was held looked like a botanical garden. The food & drinks were incredible. They had seafood, hot pasta, cold pasta, breads, etc. I should have just ate seafood the entire time. Then we went into an even prettier room with twinkling lites. The area was small to walk around and the dance floor was even smaller. The band was pretty good and the main meal would have tasted better if I hadn't gorged myself on appetizers. It was a fun and tiring evening and we did not get home till after 1.
Tonight Niel and I are going to a Dean meeting at Bryant Park. I am excited about that. I also need to go to the post office and fill out a form for my lost pictures. I am so pissed off about that. They were pictures from our trip to NW NJ a few weeks back. They were the trampoline pics. Niel looked so cute bouncing around.

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