Wednesday, August 13, 2003

There has been a lot of talk and reports about who will be the new Governor of California. Although I am a New Yorker I find the whole topic fascinating and funny. At first I was hesitant of any actor running for any political position. Ahem Reagan. Although Arnold does not have any political knowledge accept being married to a Kennedy. He was a self made millionaire before he became an actor so maybe he will know how to balance California's growing deficit. I don't know why the other "celebrities" entered the race was it to make fun of Arnold or they thought hey just because I am a celebrity doesn't mean I am not a human being with opinions and I could run too. We will soon see.
I was having a conversation yet again about celebrities and this particular discussion was about Christina Aguilara who I consider a very talented songtress and her recent image change sort of bothered me. However now I think about it who cares. Are women put on a higher pedestal because we are supposed to be better than men? Do we think as a society that men are lesser and to see Christina acting like a man is so terrible. Who am I to judge?

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