Sunday, August 17, 2003

I haven't written in a few days. The first and most obvious because the lights went out in New York city for sixteen hours. From 4:11 in the afternoon till 9 the next morning. And it just did not go out in New York either. Most of the Eastern seaboard’s lights went out. There are a few areas now who do not have decent power still. Apparently we have modern technology in use however we use 30 to 40 year old grids.
I was sitting in my office when we all heard and saw the lights go out. We all thought it was just our office. Then we see the lights in the hallway out and the lights across the street in other buildings out. We all rush to use our cell phones and I reach Niel. I had no idea what was happening and was very worried. After September 11 anything could happen. It could have been a terrorist attack on our communications. Who knew. We all evacuate the building and walk down five flights of stairs. I wondered how the people in the higher floors did walked down in semi light. I wondered how the people in the World Trade Centers buildings also did the same.
I only waited a little while till Niel showed up and I was sure happy to see him. I wanted to be with him just in case. We decided to go to Grand Central Station to see if we could catch a bus back into Queens. Grand Central Station looked like a sea of people and the buses were packed and not picking up more people. We go back to plan A and walk over the 59th Street bridge. There were so many people on that bridge in cars and on foot. I kept thinking back to September 11 and how it was the same scene then. I was getting mighty tired. I didn't know how Niel kept his strength. We finally made it into Long Island City and caught a bus(who didn't stop at his regular stop) and arrived safely home at 7:45 PM. I had never felt so tired and dirty. That would soon change on Saturday. A shower felt really good and all I could do was sleep. Niel stayed up writing and reading. Luckily our part of the city wasn't that hot. My mother stayed overnight at her store and so did my brother. They finally left the next day by walking home. At 9AM the power came back on. We were so happy. Then we heard how Iraqi's haven't had power for four months and we felt silly for complaining so much. However I don't think the boredom played so much into the equation as did fear. Oh and the freezer kept the meat cold:)
Saturday Niel, me, his brother and two of his brother's friends went to the Southern end of New Jersey to play paintball. I had always wanted to try. I was a little afraid of being shot. It wasn't that bad being pelted. Niel smartly suggested I get a jump suit. We were running, crawling around, hiding, and shooting at each other with brightly colored balls. It is a strange game, people pretending to hunt one another. I knew I would not do very well in the army. It was a good time and we had dinner at a nice Italian place where the regulars were staring at us dirty dirty people. Luckily at one of the rest stops I found a neat New Jersey magnet I was looking for.
Today we will go to a Mets game and hopefully they will win. All for now.

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