Tuesday, August 12, 2003

My mind was a whirlwind of thoughts as I was on my lunch break. First besides Times Square being a fly trap for tourists, it is now also a bargain basement . Well more like bargain tables. There are rows and rows of tables on both sides of Broadway with merchants selling pictures, playing cards and hand bags. It is getting more and more difficult to walk through the crowds.
Everyday there is something new in New York City. Some area band was giving a concert of big band music near the post office. That was nice to see, the cultural part of the city. The sad part was seeing a homeless man sleeping on the street with all his possessions being in a large postal bin on wheels.
I went out on my lunch break to give 60 cents to a plant shop owner who didn’t know me from a whole in the wall let me purchase a plant for less the cost. I promised to return the next day and pay him. It was nice he trusted a complete stranger for the money.
Dinner was nice yesterday with the couple who keep Kosher. We ate, had food and had fun.
I discovered a really neat women's clothing store J.Jill. Their clothes are fashionable and elegant. I love to find timeless pieces to mix and match. So if anyone is kind enough to read this I would love to get a gift certificate as a gift. They are so grown up looking.
Niel said something funny on the train this morning. Well he always has funny things to say. He said I have the stomach of a little person but an appetite of a lumberjack. I found this hysterically true. I do love to eat and I do pay for it later. My stomach and eyes are at constant odds with one another.

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