Tuesday, July 29, 2003

I had a craving for something sweet due to boredom. I am waiting for two more full page ads to come in. They should have been emailed by now, but for various reasons I am still waiting for them eating a O'Henry. I would have preferred berries too bad there isn't a fruit stand nearby.
Having this blog is sort of nerve racking. I feel like a wolf in sheep's clothing. I feel like someone is going to find out I am a sham. I only recently felt like I wasn't wasteing(sp?) away my life and just going from home to work. Writing about it makes me realize I have fun . A lot of that is due to my husband who is very gung ho about doing things and is a big part of the fun. Plus I have also retapped into my creative energies(sp?) besides having this blog I have started to make frames and mosaic pots. I am also tinkering with a few book ideas(2 children's and one cooking) and a short story. I am just scared of failure and would rather always ponder the what if's because it is safer. However I force myself to look at a few inspirational websites daily of people who are following their dreams and it gives me hope. God I hope the ads will come in on time. I need to get to the market and make dinner!!!

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