Wednesday, July 30, 2003

The beach theme frame is complete. I even came up with names for all the frames. They are pretty fun to make. Gee I hope I get marketing for them and they sell. I can't wait to do more mosaic pots. I did research online and found all these neat tiles, tools and grout.
It's weird how life is constantly changing. I met my brother's girlfriend. It is so weird to see him in a relationship. I think of him as this little kid and trust me most of the time he still acts like one. Our family is expanding. Niel is no longer the newest one, she is. I can only imagine how my parents feel since I am not longer in their house and am married now. This is the first time they have met one of my brother's girlfriend's. She is very nice. I hope it works out. I hope my brother and her have a good relationship and they treat one another well. It looks like she does. I think he can treat her better(hear that Jakop?)
This past week I have been making a lot of ethnic cuisine. Sunday I made Indian, Monday I made Chinese, yesterday I made Italian(Penne A La Vodka mmmmm) and tonight I am making Chinese again. Tomorrow night will be Mexican. I find it easier to shop if I plan my recipes out. I made a roast Pork a few weeks back and it came out yummy. It is my husband’s mother's recipe.
I heard it will rain this weekend. I hope it does not dampen(no pun intended) our plans for ballooning and canoeing. I will be so aggravated.
I was walking home yesterday thinking that I am bicultural, although a lot more American than Armenian. I was born in Armenia and raised in New York since the age of 5. My heart is in both places, but as I get older I feel I am more American. It was much more difficult when I was younger and new to this country. The kids were cruel. I wasn't accepted and seen as different. They made foreigner a dirty word. When I went one Summer to visit family back in Armenia I was treated differently by the kids on the block. They thought I was rich, which my family was not. I was a latch key kid. My parents worked two jobs and we lived in crappy Washington Heights. I think I am lucky in a way because I feel I am aware more of people's hardships. I can read people very well and have a good bullcrap detector. I either like you or I don't. I will try hard to be polite if I don't like you, but there have been one or two exceptions to that rule. (Hee Hee Hee) I try to be more open minded and not think I am the shit. I think that bother's people though who are living unconsciencly(sp). I still have a lot of learning to do, but I think I have learned a good deal along the way. I find people very interesting to learn about in a sociological and historical perspective; however on an everyday one on one basis, people are not nice. I prefer being a hermit.

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