Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Breakfast Parfait

I got this breakfast parfait recipe from my coworker who was happy to share. Of course it can be eaten as a snack. Mix a small container of your favorite yogurt,(used Chobani fat free Greek fruit based yogurt), a sprinkle of 5 minute oatmeal(uncooked), a few berries and enjoy. She also adds nuts and dry fruit. I didn't. But it was very tasty and also healthy. The plain non greek yogurt does get a bit more watery so just empty out the excess.

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Jesser said...

I'm big on granola (actually Kashi go lean) with fruit & berries. Mmmmmmm. Also, where is your other blog? It had it in Feedly and now I can't get to feedly for some reason. Boo.