Friday, July 13, 2012

This was a really delicious salad. So fresh and the dressing really surprised me. I never thought I would enjoy a mayo based dressing. But why not. Now that I think of it most store brought dressings probably are. The only thing I did differently is I chopped the avocado instead of stuffing everything into the avocado. Great for a summer main meal or side dish. Went fantastic with the fish I served.

Shrimp stuffed in an Avocado with 3 Citrus Aioli 
Adapted from Proud Italian Cook

Red onion
Granulated garlic
Fresh parsley

Scoop out one side of an avocado, dice into medium chunks and place into a bowl, add your cooked shrimp that has also been cut into medium chunks ( leave a few whole). Toss in grape tomatoes that have been cut in half, granulated garlic, fresh parsley and red onion, stuff it back into the other avocado half.
For the 3 Citrus Aioli, combine the juice of a lemon, lime and orange, whisk it into a good store bought mayonnaise until you get the right consistency and then drizzle all over. The citrus brightens everything up and goes perfectly with the shrimp and creamy avocado.

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