Monday, April 09, 2012

This was a fun recipe I decided to try as an Easter appetizer. Of course we had hard boiled eggs but who doesn't like a deviled egg and with fun colors for the holiday.

Easter deviled eggs
Adapted from Kraft

13 large eggs
2 teaspoons yellow mustard(or any mustard you like)
2 teaspoons KRAFT MIRACLE WHIP(or any mayo you like)
Salt to taste
4 cups water
3 or more different color food colorings

Fill large pot half full of water (separate from water in the ingredients) Boil eggs in water for about 15 minutes, or until yolk is hard (not too hard). Grab one egg, crack open to see if they are cooked all the way through. If not, continue cooking for a little longer, but if it is done, remove from heated water into clean sink or large dish. (Rid of the test egg.) Then peel eggs from shells, but be careful they are hot! Cut eggs in half length ways. CAREFULLY scoop out the yolks, into a bowl. Set whites aside.

Take mustard, MIRACLE WHIP, and salt; Combine with yolks, then mash & mix well. (You may want to add more or less of the mustard or Miracle Whip for desired texture and taste.) Set in fridge to be chilled for 10 minutes.

Take 3 large, shallow bowls & fill each with 1-1/4 cup water. Then add 1-2 small droplets different food colorings for each bowl. (You may need more drops of coloring for desired tint.) Stir water. Carefully add egg whites to different colored waters. Let sit for 5 minutes, or until stained with coloring, turning to get color on entire white surface. Take out, and sit on paper towels to dry, or gently pat dry if desired.

When moisture is gone, add yolk mixture into egg halves. Chill for at least 30 minutes.

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