Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I try to commemorate holidays with some type of dinner relevant to the holiday. And since it was Cinco De Mayo I decided to finally make Empanadas. I love love Empanadas. Any kind of hand held pie savory or sweet is tops with me. It's great for dinner or to pack in a lunchbox and for picnics.

I found a premade dough(Goya) in my freezer section because I haven't had luck with making hand pie dough. I once tried to make a Jamaican beef patty dough and the results were horrible.

For the filling I used half a pound of ground sirloin, one hard boiled egg, a packet of Knorr Sazon, 16 ounces of crushed tomatoes, and chopped pimento olives. I first cooked the meat until no longer pink. Then added the Sazon, then the can of tomatoes, then egg and olives. After all the ingredients have cooled I added them to the uncooked shell. Sealed them by pressing a fork down on the edge. Then fried the Empanadas in corn oil a minute each side and they turned out wonderfully. Though they probably can be baked. But I have not tried it to see what the texture of the shell would be. I served with a side of Spanish rice(from a box....gasp) and Guacamole. The hubby really enjoyed the meal.

I thought it was a good base. I will experiment with different fillings again.


Adrianna said...

I lurrrve empanadas...and now I am so hungry after looking at them! LOL

Hannah said...

Do you use a deep fryer or do you pan fry them?