Monday, April 12, 2010

Felt like I have been in a cooking rut lately. Pretty much everything new I have tried I have not been happy with. I think I have blog envy. I see all the wonderful dishes other food bloggers have made and I want to do the same. I should take into consideration I work outside the home and have a toddler.

I should cut myself some slack it's OK to stick with the recipes I do know and make well. And that it's OK to find simple yet delicious recipes.

I like the two recipes I found on I Like To Cook below because it helped save me time and money. Time because they were so easy to set up and money because I do not have to purchase my breakfast on the way to work. Not to mention quite tasty as well.

You can mix and match any cheese, bread, and meat or tofu meat and cheese you like. For the biscuit I like to use ham and the wrap the two times I have made this it has been bacon.

I apologize for the dark photos. They were on my cell and with not the best light.

Breakfast wraps
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Breakfast muffins
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