Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year.

Though many people are happy the year of the Rat is over and the year of the Ox has begun. Personally for me the year of the Rat was awesome.

That being said I don't have anything against Ox's.

But if you are planning to celebrate by going to your local Chinatown may I suggest reading this article on what to order when eating Dim Sum. I wish I had something like this the last time I went. Let's just say the husband did not have a good time.

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Sara said...

I've only gone for Dim Sum once, and I didn't have a super time. I think you have to be adventurous and open to what they put in front of you, which I most definitely was not! We made an awesome Chinese New Year dinner last weekend at home. That way I know I can eat everything (or most of it!)