Monday, January 19, 2009

Does this seem a bit over board? Making a New York Cheesecake flavored Hershey's Kisses? It could be that I had a bad experience with a chocolate cheese cake many years ago.

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Jesser said...

Yea, Hershey needs to lay off of the flavored kisses. I haven't found one I really like just yet. They're all pale shadows of better candy ... PB is not as good as reeces PB cups, caramel not as good as rolos, cherry not as good as those cherry bon bon things (so says my hubby, I think they're gross in any case) and the rest are just too sweet and vair weird. But I am grumpy today, so maybe you should ignore me. ;)

Christy said...

I have to agree with Jesser. They really just need to stop with the new flavors and focus on kisses and hugs.

That new flavor just doesn't even sound good. What's next? Steak and potato kisses? ;P

Carol said...

Hey, anyone who doesn't want their Cheesecake Kisses can send them my way. I love chocolate cheesecake! Or regular cheesecake with chocolate drizzled on top. Or frozen cheesecake dipped in chocolate... LOL! I'll be the crazy lady looking for these.