Saturday, August 02, 2008

This Summer I have really been into flavored ices. And there are so many varieties to choose from. I really like the long stick like ones. Grape is my favorite. Ok the only one I will eat.

Then there is Marino's ice. Cherry is preferred. But at the supermarket I got another brand Luigi's. But that turned out to be Gelato. Delicious!!

Then I thought about the wonderful soft ice lemonade I enjoyed in Rhode Island from Del's. Refreshing and not over whelming.

The Carona Ice King is also another famouse seller of flavored ice in New York. They put real fruit in some of their products. Uncle Louie G's is another. Their Black Cherry ice is incredible.

I also really love shaved ice. I love buying it from the guys with the cart that put the yummy syrup all over it. Grape is my favorite there as well.

But one flavored ice concoction is Ice Pops. I just never got into them.

Photos from flickr.

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