Saturday, February 16, 2008

My local supermarket is pretty good when it comes to having exotic fruit. Anyone recognize any of them in the photo to let me know what they are or good to try?

I think I have tried the star fruit. It was so so.


Pam said...

The striped ones on the top left are pepinos - I've only had it once, and it didn't stand out to me.

The orange ones in the top middle are persimmons - there are two types of persimmons, so you need to read the sticker to find out which kind it is. One type needs to be ultra soft to eat, and the other can still be firm. I like baking with the pureed fruit.

The orange spiky things on the top right are horned melons - don't let the exterior fool you, it's bright green inside.

The red things on the right center look like lychees, but they're not in season. Maybe rambutan, but it's late for them... Very fragrant and flowery (I'm a huge fan of lychees)

The ones in the bags are key limes... I don't make pie with them, but they can be good muddled in a drink.

Kathryn said...

Love the star fruit in the bottom right corner with all things caribbean or mexican. They make an awesome garnish, too.