Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Let me start off by saying that I love Trader Joe's. Niel and I both do. They are not pretentious like Whole Foods is. And they're certainly more affordable. Plus they always have neat new items to try. The other day we were getting cereal. (There store brand of Cheerios much cheaper than the supermarket. Plus they have a cute name Joe's O's.) When Niel picked up some corn chowder. The man doesn't like soup very much but he does like corn chowder. The can was easy to open, (a snap off top) and all we had to do was heat it up. It was thick, had potatoes in it, with flecks of red pepper and of course delicious corn. But the soup tasted a bit bland. So I would recommend it as a good base, but you will need to add more to the soup for it to be more flavorful. Perhaps ground black pepper and some yellow or pepper jack cheese. Luckily I had made panini's on the side so we weren't completely left with wanting more.

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