Friday, August 17, 2007

Why do advertisers torture consumers with commercials of products that are no where near me???? Like Jack In The Box and Sonic. So not fair! I know some of the high lights of my travels has been to try restaurants/fast food joints I don't have near me. Such as Cracker Barrel, Chick A Fla, Waffle House(how I love thee), Perkins, Hardees and Steak N Shake and others.

And why also do they sell some products in some states and not others? And if they do only for a short period of time. Such as finally getting coke floats at a local McD's.

I also saw on another blog that a local supermarket sells fried ice cream. I know it may not be as good as the real thing, but I would like to try it still.

My coworker recently read an article in The NY Times how red meat is actually good for the brain in moderation. The fat helps with memory. Haven' been able to find that article.


Jesser said...

Yes, we definitely have the market cornered on chain restauarants, and sometimes that is good. Of course I would probably trade most of them to be a subway ride away from Rice to Riches. ;)

Mrs. D said...

I know what you mean! If I have to hear about how great Trader Joe's is one more time (with no Trader Joe's in sight) I will scream! So unfair.

Yvett said...

You don't have a Jack in the Box nearby either? Sorry! I know I felt really bad for you when you said you guys didn't have Hot Cheetos in your area.

Abby said...

We have all of those. MULTIPLE ones. You aren't missing much! And you like Waffle House? It must be because you guys don't have them up there! (I only eat it if I've been out partying or am hungover. It's been awhile since I'm such a fuddy duddy.)

As for Chick-Fil-A, it's my FAVE. I hate that there aren't any up North. Must be a Southern, fried-chicken thang.