Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm not a person that decides to order beef or meat for a meal very often. So I was a bit skeptical when Niel suggested we go to a BBQ place for dinner Friday night. But I do like to try different restaurants and Niel made a big effort to find this place. And I am so happy he did! It's called Fette Sau(fat pig) and is in the next borough over. We're on the border of it, so it was only a 10 minute car ride for us. We found parking immediately. Another plus.

This was by far the best meal I have ever eaten. I think I can safely say the same for Niel. I was so shocked how much I enjoyed the dinner. The meat wasn't doused in BBQ Sauce, but was smoked and seasoned. There was sauce on the table if you wanted it, but we really didn't see the need. We ordered boneless sirloin, smoked pastrami, pork belly and two sides. The prices were also pretty reasonable. Yet another plus. You order at the counter and seat yourself. Food is given on neat tin trays. And drinks in jam type glasses. The ambiance is very saloon like with family style seating, a TV that showed a roaring fireplace, and a bar. There was also outdoor seating. After the meal I was thinking of occasions when we could just go back. Thanks Niel!!

Beer photo by Niel


Jesser said...

Ooooh. Interesting, especially from a non meat eater. The phrase "fette sau" is in the Penn. Deutsch (Dutch) song "Schnitzelbank." Kinda neat.

Mike said...

We have a couple of cook BBQ places near our house. If you guys come down to visit, we can use that as an excuse to go get some southern BBQ :-). My favorite is beef brisket and pulled pork.