Thursday, August 02, 2007

I've mentioned before my local supermarkets caters to the Irish immigrants in my nieghborhood by carrying Irish and British products.

In the international isle I spotted a can of golden Treacle. I purchased it because as I have also mentioned if I can't get over to England or any of the other British countries any time soon I sure will try their products.

Treacle is yellow cake drenched in golden syrup. When I opened the can it smelled heavenly. Sort of like condensed milk. But the cake itself which I needed to warm up tasted like graham crackers. It was pretty interesting. I'd be curious to try the black Treacle pudding as well.

I have a list of more desserts to try from across the pond but if my local supermarket doesn't carry them all I know I can find it on the Internet.

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Abby said...

Interesting. I've been to those two countries but didn't try this. Kind of crazy that it's cake in a can! I could never find it around here, but we're going abroad in February. I'm going to look for it!