Monday, July 02, 2007

The weekend was a good one. Filled with family, friends, and cooking.

Friday night I made a tasty fish sandwhich and we watched Blade Runner. It's on our list of AFI's 100 great movies of all time. More on both later.

Saturday morning went shopping with my mom. JC Penney's was having a gonzo of a sale, so we went to see what we could find. It was fun. Niel went to see his brother and Kelvin who were both in town. After I came home did some cleaning, the laundry and grocery shopping I remembered I was supposed to give something to my mom so went back to my parents house. Late afternoon Niel got me. Afterwards we came home we watched Reno 911: The Movie. The TV show is better. He brought some meatballs and sauce his mom had given us. We got some garlic knots on the way home. We already had pasta and Parmesan cheese in the house. It was a good dinner.

On Sunday I used up the final batch of Ina Gartens Waffle and Pancake mix to make Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes. Boy was it tasty. Our friends and their cute daughter picked us up to go into the city. We went to the Central Park Zoo, the Tisch Children's Zoo and FAO Schwatz. It was a good weather day. Their little one is so smart and funny. They're good parents. (I'm not going to post any pictures of them here without permission.) Niel and I hadn't been to the Central Park Zoo or FAO Schwartz in a long time and never to the Tisch Children's Zoo which you can get into free with your ticket to the Central Park Zoo. The zoos were just amazing. We all each had favorite animals. At FAO Schwartz you can see me playing on the big piano. I was the only "adult" doing that. Heh heh. Niel and I were dropped off and had the rest of the pasta for lunch. We also watched Ghost Rider. It was craptastical.

Photo of me by Niel.


Jesser said...

Glad you had such a nice weekend. It sounds like loads of fun. Love the huge keyboard. I played with it the first time I was in NYC. heheh

domestic girl said...

those blueberry buttermilk pancakes sure look yummy!!!