Tuesday, July 03, 2007

As I've mentioned Niel and I decided to watch the movies on AFI's 100 best movies of all time list, that we have not seen together.

First on the list was Blade Runner. We added more to our Netflix Que but Niel suspects everyone else had the same idea because a lot of the older movies are on back order.

Niel however had Blade Runner on DVD and so we watched that first. It's one of his favorites. He also figured out that Harrison Ford which stars in Blade Runner has also stared in four other movies on AFI's list.

Blade Runner was a bleak movie. Set 12 years into the future, earth is not a great place to live. It's dark, over crowded and there aren't any animals left. And the cyborgs that humans created are rebelling because they have evolved and don't want to be slaves. A reluctant Harrison Ford is "rehired" into hunting down and "retiring" the leaders and remaining members of the cyborg resistance. The film brings up several questions about morality, humanity and what makes a human. Blade Runner is very well made and although it will leave you a bit depressed it is worth watching.


Abby said...

I've never seen Blade Runner, either. We were just discussing this fact on Father's Day ... I guess I need to put it on the Netflix queue, too!

And you've been tagged!

Yvett said...

I've never seen it. It does sound like a kind of movie that Rodrigo would love, though. I'll have to ask him if he's seen it.

Carol B. said...

I *love* Bladerunner!