Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The second movie on our list was Do The Right Thing. Written and directed by Spike Lee, it focuses on life in New York(most of Lee's movies do). This particular story is set in a Brooklyn neighborhood where it seems like no one can stand one another. Tension is especially high on one particularly hot day. The boiling point is shocking and graphic. The message is violence is never the answer though. Just makes things so much worse. We noticed the movie was done very much like a play. It is very obvious when once scene ended and the other began. A interesting film. Glad I finally saw it fully.


Jesser said...

Have never seen this. I'm horrible about seeing serious films. They just end up boring me and I turn them off.

Abby said...

Haven't seen that one ... but I like those kind of movies so I might have to add it to my queue! I watched The Philadelphia Story over the weekend, and I had some issues with it, but I had to keep reminding myself it was a different time. Man have women come far. And I say that somewhat sadly. Oy.

As for the zucchini ... try it! It's so good. I like my pasta without tomatoes or tomato sauce quite often. It's so filling!