Monday, July 16, 2007

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Niel and I were in America's dairy land, Wisconsin, for a wedding from Thursday through Sunday. Never thought I would visit Wisconsin so this was a nice surprise.

LaCrosse, the town we stayed in, seems to be a nice place to have grown up in. The people were friendly. They had the best of both worlds a bit of city mixed with nature. Mountains surrounded the town, there was a beach and water activities also.

Our hotel overlooked the Mississippi River. Something else we never thought we would ever see. It was spectacular both during the day and at night.

The wedding was wonderful. We were excited to have had the chance to experience it with our friends. It got me misty eyed thinking that the couple had their entire lives together in front of them. Made me also think of my wedding. Niel got to be a groomsmen and looked fabulous in his tuxedo. We wish the happy couple a lifetime of happiness!

I would have to agree with Niel that it was a lot of fun being away with our friends. I know how much he enjoys being with them. Since they all live far away from one another now, as it happens when people grow up, but they haven't moved on from their friendships.

This is what we did in a nutshell:

Enjoyed deep fried cheese curd. You have not lived till you have eaten this stuff.

We ate three times at a cool drive in fast food joint where they bring you your food on roller skates.

Drove into Minnesota twice. Another state I thought we wouldn't ever see.

Went to a county fair. Poor Niel got a little sick on one of the rides.

Took hundreds of photos.

Laughed a lot.

Ate a lot of terrific food, and just had a fantastic time.

We're a bit exhausted from the time difference. Had a hard time keeping our heads up after we got home yesterday.


Mike said...

Wisconsin sounds lovely. I look forward to seeing the pics.

So did the locals have those famous Wisconsin accents or does Hollywood exaggerate them?

Christina said...

So jealous of your trip. You were not too terribly far from where my mom lives. Ah, cheese curds. Can't wait until it gets cooler out so that I can get a shipment from my favorite dairy co-op.

Yvett said...

It sounds lovely. I can't wait to see the pictures!

I know what you mean about getting teary at weddings. I LOVE weddings soooooo much. Every time I go to one, I feel like having one myself.

Shannon said...

OMG! My husband, CSP grew up in Winona MN just over the bridge from LaCrosse and went to High School in LaCrosse. I've been dying to try a fried curd.
Can't wait to see all of your pics. So glad you had a great time@!

Jesser said...

OOh sounds like fun. I didn't really like living in WI, but I would like to go back and see a few things. Summerfest would be nice, for example.

Shannon said...

wow you have been to 2 states that I haven't been to yet... sounds like you had a fab time... can't wait to see the photos...