Friday, July 27, 2007

I must admit to something I used to watch A Cook's Tour when it was on the Food Network. It was hosted by Anthony Bourdain. I'm admitting to this because I don't like Anthony Bourdain much. Find him obnoxious. But it was interesting watching the show. I think he has a neat job. Getting to visit different countries and try "exotic" cuisine. It was a unique show and the Food Network really doesn't have shows where they focus on traveling and trying foods from different countries anymore. So I was happy to see that the Travel Network had hired Anthony Bourdain, to host a very similar show to A Cook's Tour. The new show is called No Reservations. I was surprised to find out the show is in it's third season. How come I hadn't heard of it till now. Where had I been? Anyway if you liked Anthony Bourdain's old show watch this one. The third season airs Monday night.

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Sara said...

I used to have such a crush on him! Then he got even more obnoxious and starting bashing pretty much everyone in the world. We watched one episode from the second season of No Reservations. It was ok. Won't watch again unless I'm desperate to watch TV and nothing else is on.