Monday, July 09, 2007

How come during the Summer the week drags on and the weekend always goes by too quickly?

Friday my coworker wanted to see some pics from my wedding. I stored them on my old Yahoo pictures account. After I came home I logged in and realized Flickr(which is also owned by Yahoo) replaced the old photo system, so I had to transfer those photos over to Flickr. I would have lost my old pics if Stephanie wasn't curious. So I have everything in one place now. Which I like. At night Niel and I watched Do The Right Thing. Review on that later.

Saturday was a busy but fun day. Niel and I woke up early to go see the Transformers. There was a preview for Across The Universe. I really want to see it. The movie looks cool and its a musical based on the music of The Beatles. Jim Sturgess sort of reminds me of Ewan McGregor. Niel and I hadn't been to the see a movie in a theater since Hot Fuzz. And Transformers did not disappoint! I was worried that the film would be a hokey version of the popular cartoon. Which I watched. I watched all of the 80's cartoon. Didn't care much if it was for boys/girls whatever. They made Transformers in such a way so that you didn't have to be into the cartoon to enjoy the film. In the beginning the film sort of had two different story lines but eventually collided into one. Transformers was exciting, funny and adventure packed. I highly recommend it. Afterwards we went to walk Ripley. Went home, reshowered and changed clothes. It was a bit warm in NYC. Blech. Then Niel found out about a accordion festival that was happening at Riverside Park on the Hudson. We went to check that out, came back home, watched A Night At The Museum(entertaining) and conked out on the couches.

Now that July is here I am happy a few shows are back on TV. Last week DeGrassi the next generation came back, last night Mind of Mencia also returned, tonight is World Series of Pop Culture and Friday is Pysche.

Niel got me turned onto Flight of The Concords. Their a New Zealand comedy folk duo. We saw them on HBO a few years ago but I didn't think much then. But we've seen the first two episodes and their pretty funny. We'll probably end up seeing Eagle Vs. Shark.

Lisa voted me a Rockin Girl Blogger. I'm honored. I think she and the folks on the list I know are pretty cool also. I'd like to nominate Jess, Jessica, Adelaide, Kim and Yvett as Rockin Girl Bloggers as well.


Mike said...

Oh cool, I was wondering when the world series of pop culture was coming back on.

Were Weird Al and/or Judy Tanuta at the accordion festival?

Abby said...

I didn't watch Transformers, but I did have some of the toys! The movie looks good and I def. want to see it. We saw Die Hard, and I really enjoyed it. I've liked all of the Die Hards, actually.

And yes, I do make food that people like to actually eat! Sometimes I think I'm too down home and plain jane to blog, but I get a good response from not being too uppity about food. And I like that.

Jesser said...

We haven't seen Transformers or Die Hard yet. They're showing both as a dbl feature at the drive-in (one of the only practical ways to see a movie with a bebe). We had dillusions of getting there on Sat after Mt Evans, but we weren't even off the mountain 'til almost 9 and we hadn't yet had dinner. oh well! ;)

Glad you had such a nice weekend. Tks for the rockin' girl blogger nod. ;)

Sara said...

I LOVE Flight of the Conchords. So funny!!

Anonymous said...

Oooh! Thanks Ani! Although I have been a bad blogger lately!

Yvett said...

Yes! I rock!