Saturday, July 07, 2007

Abby tagged me!

Seven Random Things About Me

1. I use a lot of toilet paper. I always have. My parents complained about it. Niel just deals with it. I like to be clean. So sue me.

2. I had a stuttering problem when I was younger. Finally went to speech therapy in high school. Now my stutter is hardly noticeable. So I feel for anyone that has a speech impediment. I should have majored in speech therapy in school.

3. I almost died as a baby. The hospital I was in wasn't very sterile. I acquired an infection. My parents took me to another hospital where I stayed for a month fighting for my little life.

4. I hate to clean, but I like a clean house. And since I don't have a maid nor would I want a person looking through my things so I clean myself and with Niel's help. But we could be better at it. I will admit to this. We do a big weekly clean:dust, vacuum, sweep and wipe the floors. Clean the counter tops. Range. The wood on the cabinets. The bathroom. Change the sheets and towels. Clean the mirrors. And during the week I upkeep. But we could me more organized. If I am feeling adventurous I wipe down the walls. Since we're getting rid of a lot of stuff I think the closets and bottom cabinets will be more organized. I think a person should take responsibility and have pride for their space. Fantastic with bleach is a fabulous cleaning product.

5. I always forget something when I am leaving the house.

6. I eat egg rolls and pizza strangely. I pick out the filling from the egg roll. I separate the inside of the roll from the outside. I eat one or the other first. Then I eat the filling. With pizza if there is a topping I pick that of, then the cheese then I eat the dough and crust last. I told you it was strange.

7. I like cherries and cherry pie but I can't stand cherry ice cream.

Have a good weekend everyone.


Jesser said...

Cleaning is one of those things I struggle with almost constantly. I feel like my house is never clean enough or organized enough. Plus my hubby's "threshold for filth," as we call it, is much higher than mine. What we really need to do is develop good maintenance habits. It serves you so much better in the long run.

The Cooking Ninja said...

I hate house cleaning with a passion and since we don't have a maid, I have to clean it myself too.